Do you draw?  
Take photographs?
Do you paint?   Write poetry?  
Do you compose music?  Design in glass? 

You are invited to enter your work in the 

Love without Violence Arts Contest 
$100 prize for each age category
Students from elementary school through college are asked to submit one piece of Art that shows how the greater Brockport community is a loving community for all citizens, those who live here and those who are traveling through.  Your submission will be judged on the following criteria:

        1.  How much impact will your Art have in the large community?
        2.  How reproducible is it?  We may share the winning Art with our Senators, Congresspeople and others
        3.  How clear is the message of "Love without Violence?"
        4.  Does the Art respect and represent all people?   

To be inspired, please study the exemplary commitments that the people below have made 
to a world of Love without Violence.  

Malala Yousafazi, the youngest ever person to win a Nobel Peace Prize.  
She is a Pakistani Women's Education Advocate.  
Click here to read her story

Martin Luther King, leader of the modern United States Civil Rights Movement
Click here to read about this Nobel Prize winner

Franz Jagerstatter, an Austrian Peasant World War II Resister    
Here is his story

Rosa Parks, the United States' "First Lady of Civil Rights"   
Click here to learn more about this humble woman

Ben Salmon, a Catholic conscientious objector during World War I   
Click here to see what he did

~   Deadline for entries and location of Friday, April 13, 2018
Submissions may be submitted electronically to 
or in person at the Seymour Library, Brockport
All entries must include   name, phone, email, age of artist, and school/college attended.
Get your ideas, sketchbooks and manuscript papers ready!  

Winners will be notified by email on Friday, April 20, 2018